Bryan, Christchurch

In 2011 we commenced the construction of our new home in Christchurch. It is a substantial residence comprising three separate buildings that have been constructed to a very high standard. In August 2014 we approached three potential firms to manufacture and install all the cabinetry to the very detailed plans supplied by the architect, Daniel Marshall.

We awarded the contract to Mojo Joinery due mainly to the confidence we had in Craig Harrison. Craig came highly recommended, he provided a very compelling work history and we were impressed by his honesty and enthusiasm for the project.

We were not disappointed. In all areas Craig has exceeded our expectations.
Quality: The workmanship is that of genuine craftsmen. Nothing short of perfection has been acceptable to Craig, even when it came at his cost.

He did all the work as if it were for his ownhouse. Some areas that were acceptable to me were not acceptable to Craig and he would ensure it was all completed to the highest standard without any additional cost to us.

Cost: The quote by Craig was in between the other two. However there were no surprises, unlike some other trades we used. Where we made changes after work had commenced, any additional cost was immediately notified and in all cases was in line with the rest of the quote.

Where possible Craig provided credits if surplus materials could be recovered.

Efficiency: I have visited the Mojo workshop and was impressed by the obvious order and cleanliness. The Mojo team all show a genuine interest in their work. Also having the best of equipment is essential to remain competitive and the productivity and accuracy of the modern CNC router is one machine that ensures Mojo is a leader in this field.

Integrity: All the best equipment, marketing and promises mean nothing if not backed up by good intent. Craig’s honesty and integrity are without question and it has been a genuine pleasure to have him contribute such a substantial part of our new home.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mojo Modern Joinery as a provider of competitive, high quality cabinetry and associated joinery and would be happy to confirm these comments should anyone wish to contact me.

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